Unipoint offers the following professional services.

Service Type Service Contents
Develop Enterprise
IT infrastructure
SI Service
Provides IT infrastructure building services when companies introduce IT resources for business systems. IT infrastructure building can be broadly divided into hardware and software, related services, and consulting. Hardware includes servers, storage, networks, and security devices. Software includes databases, middleware, performance and management software, and security software. Services and consulting provide sizing, architecture, installation, configuration, connectivity, customization, tuning, and stabilization for related hardware and software.
IT integration
maintenance service
Hardware and software maintenance must be performed properly. Proactive infrastructure support helps prevent downtime by anticipating problems ahead of time. Integrated maintenance services can unify and manage all of your hardware or software to address all IT management issues in one centralized window. It is a service that provides the availability and management efficiency of IT resource management through continuous management support services for the various IT resources of vendors.

- Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
- Quick problem solving with unification of management
- Integrated report management for quick and accurate reporting
- Maintain stability and high availability by improving service level
Server Integration Services There is a growing need for companies to deploy IT infrastructures and a shift in hardware utilization across services due to reducing the need to address them and server management costs. To achieve this, we conduct an evaluation of the server environment that the customer wants to optimize. Then, we plan and design the integration and build an efficient and stable system using server analysis tools, application performance testing tools, network performance testing tools, and storage management tools.

- Reduced operational costs through server integration
- Efficient utilization of IT resources through streamlining operations
- Reduced total cost of power through reduced server operations
- Reduced total purchase of hardware and software
Systems, databases, Application performance diagnosis and analysis services The complexity of overall IT management and operations is growing, and the importance of managing systems, databases, and application performance is growing. As a result of these complex IT infrastructures, the need for real-time operational demand to monitor real time operations is increasing. The system, database and application performance management solutions are used to check system status, database configuration status and problems, quality and performance of applications, which applications or IT sectors are causing errors, performance decreases, and what kind of effect it has on other IT systems are analyzed and efficient solutions for improvement are provided.

- Cost reduction through efficient system performance improvement and operation
- Intuitive monitoring and fault analysis minimizes system downtime
- Secure and reliable system operation
- Quickly respond to faults with integrated management environment
- Deriving performance data for future system expansion
BA Development Service Business Analytics refers to a framework that allows you to efficiently manage and consolidate the various analytical requirements that exist within your organization, rather than just being able to access data and organize reports or run statistical packages. Factors to consider in the framework are the ability to support and analyze the various elements of various business, industry specific solutions, reporting, multidimensional analysis, ad hoc queries, What-if simulation, management planning, risk management, and statistical mining.

Business Analytics incorporates not only the past / present but also future forecasting into analytical capabilities, and has been continuously innovating since launching business analytics to the market so that it integrates various types of functional solutions into the analytical market. In addition, trends in the current analysis environment are gradually expanding from in-house standardized data analysis requirements to various types of unstructured data existing outside the company, and consideration should be given to the following four factors.

·Everyone in the organization accesses the analytics environment to gain insights and perform optimized actions based on them
·Provide appropriate insights and information that can be used in all decision processes
·Utilizing "all viewpoints" of current information and future forecasts in real-time as well as past data
·Provide access to "all forms of information" in and out of the company to create new value

Business Analytics can provide answers for optimized performance, careful decision making, actionable insight and reliable information, as well as providing various functional elements based on our experience with various customers who we have been working together with for many years to solve these questions.

· Business Intelligence - Cognos Analytics
· Performance Management (Cognos TM1)
· Predictive Analytics (SPSS)
· Cloud-based advanced analytics (Watson Analytics)
IT Asset Management
Developing Service
Based on our experience in developing multiple financial institutions, we are able to build a speedy IT asset management system by providing asset management best practice processes / procedures and flexible architecture and code to support it, which is all based on our in-house development solution, Ritus.

- Optimize utilization of IT assets and reduce costs
- Identify the status of IT assets, strengthen security and respond to audits
- Support timeliness and purchasing decisions of IT assets
External Channel Integration System Development Service External channel systems play a role in linking internal and external systems in order to carry out external affairs through data transmission and reception with external systems other than the company's internal systems, thus, providing a reliable and scalable linkage system with external agencies that our customers need.
Integrated message management developing service The integrated professional message system manages various forms of expertise used in the interface systems (MCA, EAI, FEP) existing inside and outside the company. In addition, we provide development services to prevent duplication of the same message by task and to unify professional management.
ESB Development Service In an enterprise cloud environment, ESB systems need to provide a single point of contact for all channels and systems through integration and virtualization of the interface layer, and building a high-performance, reliable and secure integrated interface platform. It provides deployment services to configure the backbone of the SOA with a solution that easily and flexibly connects with heterogeneous systems or applications regardless of operating system or technology.
BPM Development Service The BPM system is a real-time business focused process management tool that integrates, manages, evaluates, and monitors people, information, data, and IT systems that participate in process activities that can flexibly and quickly respond to process changes. Furthermore, it provides services to build a real-time collaborative process for the enterprise.
Integrated IT Resource Management System Development Service IT governance is a process system that develops and controls planning related to organizational management goals through IT resources and information.
To provide systematic control of IT critical management tasks, we provide a flexible and integrated management service for business, product, contract, budget and cost, asset, project, and manpower management.
ITO management system
development service
IT Outsourcing (IT Outsourcing. IT outsourcing) monitors the whole process from the input of personnel to progress and withdrawal related to IT operation and establishes a systematic manpower performance management for each task.

In addition, through visualization of operational information, ITO provides accurate analysis of operations and issues, and establishes efficient IT operation infrastructure.
Blockchain consulting and system development business Blockchain is a distributed digital record that stores encrypted records in multiple places, unlike traditional methods of keeping records on a centralized server when trading data. By using this, you can make the data of the ledger, which has been stored and managed by each system, easy to use and shareable with the network through the blockchain technology.

- Payment and transaction applications: Transfer, payment, and transaction means for same value as existing currency, such as virtual currency
- Signature and proof applications: Used for work that needs to prevent forgery such as copyrights, trading of high value goods, management of contracts and document notarization
- New service applications: Utilized as base technology of tasks such as IoT, electronic voting, and market place